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Michelle Wolf’s rant was no accident

The White House Correspondents Dinner was created as a truce between the White House and the White House press corp.  Every day, the two go at each other, with reporters asking biting questions and the White House spokesperson offering often deflecting answers.  But there is one evening a year — the dinner — when the […]

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Why Nonprofit Marketing Matters

Just recently, I met someone at a gathering who told me that “nonprofits should not market or do public relations.”  Being in the business, I asked why? Their answer was straight and simple.  “Because if they do good work, everybody will know, and if they are worthy of support, they will receive it.” I found […]

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How to find a PR Firm

Finding the right PR firm sounds easy.  But not so.  Finding and then contracting with the right public relations firm takes research and that’s just to narrow down the search. What kind of PR firm is right for you?  That depends on many factors.  First, are you looking for a huge firm with lots of […]

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